Charismatic and Pure Show
Europe's Saxophone Lady Miss Sax-Tronic

Miss Sax-Tronic is a saxophone player that can perform with DJs playing on top of their mixes and/or with her own productions. Sets usually run 20 minutes in length with 3 to 4 sets per evening. Miss Sax-Tronic's modern-day sound is a glamorous, sophisticated blend of soaring and skilled saxophone stylings with house / club music.  Her performances are a combination of groovy sax and rhythmic vocals that are tailored cool and sophisticated, wild and emotional and absolutely S.A.X.Y!!  

Charismatische Performance und pure Show:
Das bietet Saxophonistin Miss Sax-Tronic

Saxophon-Lady Miss Sax-Tronic performt als Live-Act zu DJs oder zu ihren eigenen Songs und Mixes. Ihre Auftrittsdauer beträgt 3 - 4 Sets zu 20 Minuten. Miss Sax-Tronic bietet charismatische Performance und pure Show; sie beweist, dass man Songs instrumental interpretieren und ihnen damit einen besonderen Charakter verleihen kann. Mit ihrem goldenen Sax on stage begeistert sie das anspruchsvolle Club- und Partypublikum. Fetzig und edel, wild und  gefühlvoll - aber auf jeden Fall immer s-a-x-y!


Playboy Club-Tour : Shows in St. Moritz @ Chesa Veglia; Kitzbühel @ A Rosa; Ischgl @ Pacha
Rich Prosecco Club Tour: Shows in Ischgl @ Pacha; Kitzbühel @ Stanglwirt Going
Coca-Cola Remix Tour : Shows through Austria
Soccer-EM 2008: Innsbruck @ VIP Hospitality Seegrube Clubbing
Miss Geneva Motos Show: Geneva @ Club Embassy
Fête Blanche: Velden/Wörthersee @ Casino
Kitz’n Glamour : Kitzbühel @ A-Rosa
21st Century Beetles Night: Ischgl @ Pacha
Performance with Mark Kamins (New York Club-DJ and Producer of Madonnas 1st Single „Everybody“): Wien @ Kunsthalle
Live-Acts: Palma, Mallorca @ Club Titus; Calvia, Mallorca @ Virtual Club; Salzburg @ Half Moon; Zürich @  Hard One
Harly Fest - Life Radio Open House Party